Rival Docs

LastFM Embeds

Variables for the embed generator @ https://rival.rocks/embed
track name
artist name
album name
play amount for the song
user tag
user avatar
track url
artist url
genre tags
scrobble amount
track color
track cover
lastfm user
artist play count
album play count
track play count
track name lowercase
artist name lowercase
album name lowercase
track hyperlink lowercase
artist hyperlink lowercase
album hyperlink lowercase
track hyperlink
artist hyperlink
album hyperlink
Theres also manipulation variables to all of the variables above
  • lower() makes it all lower case ex: {lower(artist.hyper)}
  • upper() makes it all upper case ex: {upper(artist.hyper)}
  • capitalize() makes the first letter capitalized ex: {capitalize(artist.hyper)}
  • title() makes the first letter of each word capitalized ex: {title(artist.hyper)}